Threaded Through Time (Book Two) – Lesbian Romance

The cover for Threaded Through Time (Book Two), a lesbian romance.

Two time travellers are determined to embrace new lives, but reality soon dampens their starry-eyed enthusiasm

One time traveller vows not to give up; the other reaches for the black rhyme book. Both struggle with doubts. Were they truly born before or after their time? Will love conquer all?

Sarah says:

Threaded Through Time (Book Two) picks up where the first book left off. Trying to adapt to a new time period isn’t easy, and the two time travellers (no spoiler!) struggle to do so. Do they overcome their challenges or return to their own time and give up on love?

Threaded Through Time has lesbian main characters. It’s a lesbian time travel romance, and includes a heterosexual romance as well.

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Available in print and eBook. The print book contains Threaded Through Time, Books One and Two. You can also request the eBook from your library or read it at 24Symbols (subscription required).

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The cover for Threaded Through Time (Book One), a lesbian romance.