Sarah Ettritch - lesbian fiction author

Welcome to my website. If you love strong lesbian characters who are the heroes of their stories, you’ll want to check out my books. All of them have at least one lesbian main character, but not all of them are romances. However, most have romantic elements.

I’m not your typical writer. I didn’t know I wanted to write when I grew up, I don’t keep journals, though I’ve tried, I really have. My partner despairs of all the abandoned journals on the shelf that are blank except for the first couple of pages.

In school, I wrote longer than required stories and teachers often praised my writing, but it wasn’t on my radar as something I wanted to do.

When I was in my mid-thirties, I wrote down a recurring daydream I was having and expanded it into two novels that have never seen the light of day and never will. They were early versions of what would eventually grow into the Rymellan Series, but that didn’t happen until I was in my forties.

When I turned 40, I did what many people do and examined my life. I was quite happy and content, but I didn’t have any goals. I wasn’t striving for anything. I decided to dig out the two novels I’d written in my thirties and have another look at them. With the benefit of 10 more years of life experience, I could see the novels weren’t very good, but I still liked the characters and the world (both stayed the same in the published novels). I decided to toss the novels and start over. This time, I’d write a series of shorter stories and publish them to a website

Life got busy, and so I was 44 by the time I sat down, opened a blank Word file, and typed the first sentence in the first Rymellan story (The Dance): Mo glanced at the time on her comm station and resisted the urge to drum her fingers against her desk. Readers seemed to like the stories, so I eventually published them as books and wrote more stuff. Today, in early 2019, I have 18 books available. A couple of those are short works, but the rest are novels.

That’s my writing life. As for the rest of my life, I’m a lesbian and have been with my partner for almost 20 years (and happily married to her since 2009). We live in Kingston, Ontario with our two cats. I’m a story junkie. More than anything else, I consume stories. I read them in books, watch them on TV and in movies, and play through them in video games. And, of course, I write them.

I enjoy hearing from readers. You can write to me here.

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Happy reading!