The cover for Playing With Fire, a prequel story to The Salbine Sisters, which is a lesbian fantasy novel.

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In Playing With Fire, an aspiring mage falls for her tutor and ends up playing with fire in more ways than one.

Latest Release – Sweet Lesbian Romance

The cover for Love Me for Me, a lesbian romance novel

Sometimes telling the truth means losing the ones you loveā€¦

Erin Hunt is the heir apparent to her father’s real estate company. Activist Lily Altree leads a grassroots group that often opposes real estate developments, including those of Aaron Hunt, Erin’s father. When Erin goes undercover and joins Lily’s group, their two worlds collide. What neither of them counts on is falling in love.

Will their love survive when Lily finds out who Erin really is?

Love Me for Me is a sweet lesbian romance novel for those who love books with strong female characters, engaging plots, emotional romances, and heartwarming friendships.

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The cover for The Missing Comatose Woman
The cover for Disobedience Means Death
The cover for The Atheist, the first book in the Deiform Fellowship series.
The cover for The Salbine Sisters