The cover for Playing With Fire, a prequel story to The Salbine Sisters, which is a lesbian fantasy novel.

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In Playing With Fire, an aspiring mage falls for her tutor and ends up playing with fire in more ways than one.

New Release – Decisions (Rymellan 4)

Cover for Rymellan 4: Decisions

Find out more about Sheila, Ruth, and Christine Leeds, and touch base with Lesley, Mo, and you know who.

Rymellan 4 includes three new stories and one previously published story.

In Love Dismissed, learn more about Sheila and Ruth, who we met in Disobedience Means Death.

In The Killing of Lieutenant Christine Leeds, learn more about the lieutenant who sexually harassed Lesley in the story Intervention. This is a novel-length story.

In Family Comes First, touch base with Lesley, Mo, and you know who (if you don’t, you really need to read the first couple of books in the series).

Also included is the story Identity Crisis, which was previously published as a standalone story. The combined length of the three new stories is longer than Rymellan 3.

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The cover for The Missing Comatose Woman
The cover for Disobedience Means Death
The cover for Love Me for Me, a lesbian romance novel
The cover for The Salbine Sisters