Threaded Through Time (Book One) – Lesbian Romance

The cover for Threaded Through Time (Book One), a lesbian romance.

A mysterious rhyme book and a full moon bring two time-crossed couples together. A romance and coming out story.

“For those who were born before or after their time…”

That described Pam. She’d always felt that she’d been born too late—there was no chivalry in the world anymore.

She’d only wanted to commune with the universe while reading a “moon rhyme” in the antique book she’d purchased from the local New Age shop. She had not expected guests—especially not Jasper and Margaret, summoned one hundred years into the future by the rhyme just as Jasper was proposing to Margaret.

Now the displaced visitors insist that they be returned to their own time, and Pam and her roommate Robin agree. But the rhyme won’t work until the next moon cycle, and in the intervening month, forbidden love blooms between Pam and Jasper, and Robin and Margaret.

Sarah says:

What would you do if you accidentally summoned an engaged couple from the past? What would you do if you fell in love with the future groom, and your roommate fell in love with the future bride? That’s what happens to Pam in Threaded Through Time. Pam accidentally brings an engaged couple from 1910 to the present. She falls in love with Jasper, and her lesbian roommate Robin falls in love with Margaret. Of course, there’s a catch. Jasper and Margaret must return to their own time, but Pam has no idea how to send them back.

Does Pam figure out how to send the two time travellers to their own time? Does Jasper fall in love with Pam? What about Robin and Margaret? Is Margaret straight, or does coming to the present and meeting Robin awaken feelings she didn’t know she could have?

Threaded Through Time has lesbian main characters. It’s a lesbian time travel romance, and includes a heterosexual romance as well.

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