Salbine’s Embrace – Lesbian Fantasy

Cover for Salbine's Embrace -a lesbian fantasy book

The Salbine Sisters are back! Salbine’s Embrace picks up six years after the end of The Salbine Sisters, when the Merrin monastery is about to lose a cherished resident.

Almost fourteen years old, Emmey’s prison sentence is coming to an end and she must leave the monastery. As the day of her departure approaches, she has frightening dreams that make her cry out in the night. When two of her dreams come true, Emmey worries that a recurring nightmare in which Maddy dies will also come to pass.

Meanwhile, visiting sisters from the Hedgerow monastery try Sophia’s patience and force one sister to relive a traumatic event from her past.

Salbine’s Embrace is a lesbian fantasy novel with many strong and principled lesbian main characters.

Sarah says:

Salbine’s Embrace opens six years after the end of The Salbine Sisters. I don’t want to spoil The Salbine Sisters (if you haven’t read it, read it first), so I won’t say much here, except to say that Emmey discovers several important things about herself as she faces leaving the monastery and the sisters she loves.

But there’s a lot more going on in the book. We learn more about a certain mistress, and many familiar characters from The Salbine Sisters appear in the story.

The story is set in medieval times and is classified as a fantasy, but as with all the Salbine Sisters stories, it’s about personal journeys, and not about saving the world.

Salbine’s Embrace has many, many lesbian main characters. It’s a lesbian fantasy novel.

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