Rose and Nora – Lesbian Romance

Rose and Nora Cover - lesbian romance book

When Sister Rose finds out that Sister Maddy was put on trial and might be dead, Sister Nora offers her a shoulder to cry on. As months pass with no word of Maddy, Rose and Nora grow closer and realize they have feelings for each other that go beyond friendship.

As their love deepens, Nora sees herself growing old with Rose, but Rose isn’t as enthusiastic about the idea. Will Nora’s love for Rose survive her feelings of rejection, or will she give up on their relationship?

Rose and Nora is about how Sister Rose and Sister Nora got together. It begins while Maddy is on her journey to Heath and continues past the events that took place in The Salbine Sisters.

Sarah says:

In The Salbine Sisters, Rose tells Maddy that she and Nora are a couple. She doesn’t offer many details about how their romance began, and we don’t know what happened to their relationship after the events in the novel.

Rose and Nora is the story of…Rose and Nora! It’s about how they got together and what happened to them. Did they become consorts? Did they split up? Are they still friends? Do they hate each other?

The story opens when Maddy is away at Heath, so we also get a glimpse of what was happening at the monastery during Maddy’s journey.

Rose and Nora has lesbian main characters. It’s a lesbian romance.

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