The Perfect Christmas Gift – Lesbian Cozy Mystery

The cover for The Perfect Christmas Gift, a lesbian cozy mystery.

Catch up with Casey, Emily, and Gran in this short holiday cozy.

Lily was nineteen years old when she arranged to meet Clara and run away with her. But Clara didn’t show up, breaking Lily’s heart. Now Lily is seventy-six years old, and she still thinks about Clara every day. One of her friends wants to find Clara as a Christmas gift for Lily, and she knows the perfect PI for the job: her granddaughter, Casey Cook.

When Gran hires her to find Clara, Casey is thrilled. Now she’ll be able to buy Emily, her girlfriend of six months, the perfect gift for their first Christmas together. But despite how well things are going between them, Emily hasn’t given Casey a key to her apartment. When Casey raises the subject, Emily refuses to discuss it with her.

Will the holiday season be a happy one for Casey? Will she find Clara in time for Christmas?

Sarah says:

I can’t add much more to the above story description, except to say that it’s a sweet holiday tale that will warm your heart. The story is about 14,000 words long.

The Perfect Christmas Gift has a lesbian main character. It’s a cozy mystery with an order of romance and humour on the side.

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