Pawns and Puzzles (Daros One) – Epic Fantasy

The cover for Pawns and Puzzles, the first book in the Daros Chronicles, which is an epic fantasy series

Two friends learn how quickly life can change when they go from living lives of luxury to being the most wanted fugitives in the land.

When assassins threaten Princess Fi’s life, her foster sister Erryn summons cursed beasts to save her. Branded a heathen, Erryn escapes the guards ordered to kill her and flees for her life. When she hears about a faraway temple that may reveal why she has summoning powers, she sets out on the long journey to reach it. But Erryn’s pampered life doesn’t serve her well in the wild. Bounty hunters and guards become the least of her worries.

Back at the castle, Fi tries to carry on with her life. But then her father is assassinated, and Fi is framed for the crime. With the help of those loyal to her, she escapes from prison and searches for Erryn, hoping to enlist her aid in reclaiming the throne. But the outside world isn’t kind to treacherous princesses. Fi’s quest to prove her innocence leads to another cage, one that has her wishing she was back in a prison cell.

Sarah says:

Imagine you’ve lived a charmed life as the foster child of a king. You’ve grown close to Princess Filmona, your foster sister, and you expect to marry well and live a life of luxury. Then tragedy strikes.

You discover that you’re a Beast Master. You can summon the gods’ pets from the heavenly plane to do your bidding. Sounds great, except in your world, the gods’ pets are called the Fallen, and those who can summon them are believed to have bestial souls. Beast Masters are outcasts. Once they’ve revealed their true nature, they don’t survive for long in Daros.

This is what happens to Erryn Fyler in the Daros Chronicles. Erryn manages to keep her dark secret, until her foster sister is attacked and Erryn summons the Fallen to save her. Things don’t go well for poor Erryn after that. The king banishes her from the only home she’s ever known and issues a secret order to have her killed. How will Erryn show Daros that Beast Masters aren’t the evil beasts described in the Holy Texts? How will she survive with the guard hunting her?

Pawns and Puzzles has a lesbian main character. It’s epic fantasy. There’s a lesbian relationship, but it doesn’t play a primary role in the story.

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