New Release: Decisions (Rymellan 4)

Cover for Rymellan 4: Decisions

The Rymellan series is back with more lesbian science fiction and romance. Decisions, the latest installment in the series, contains four stories. Two of them feature new main characters.

Love Dismissed features Sheila and Ruth, a same-oriented couple (we’d call them lesbian) we met in Disobedience Means Death.

The Killing of Lieutenant Christine Leeds features the officer who sexually harassed Lesley in the story Intervention. When I started the story, I wanted to know why Leeds would so blatantly violate the Way and what happened to her when she was sent to the adult wing of the Indoctrination Academy. Once I started writing, the story went beyond that. In fact, it turned into a novel-length story.

Identity Crisis is about the triad having its first child. I had already published this story as a standalone eBook. I’ve folded it into Rymellan 4 to avoid confusion, and so that it can finally be available in print. The standalone book is no longer available.

Family Comes First features the triad. I wouldn’t release a Rymellan volume without at least one new story about Lesley, Mo, and Jayne. In this story, Lesley is having problems at work, Mo suspects Ann of cheating on Andrew, and Jayne receives a shocking letter.

You can find out more details about the book — longer story descriptions and buy links — by clicking here.

The eBook version is available now. The print version will be out in late September / early October.