Love Me for Me (Lesbian Romance)

Sometimes telling the truth means losing the ones you love…

Erin Hunt is the heir apparent to her father’s real estate company, but the idea of working with him makes her want to cry—his every word drives home how inadequate she is. But a secret mission gives Erin an excuse to delay taking her place at his side. Someone is leaking confidential documents to a grassroots group that keeps opposing her father’s projects. Erin agrees to go undercover and unmask the traitor.

Activist Lily Altree leads the grassroots group that wants to preserve green spaces and historical buildings. But the turnout at her events has been declining, so when a stranger shows up for a protest at a local park, Lily welcomes her into the fold, unaware that the newbie is the daughter of Aaron Hunt, the greedy owner of the company that wants to replace the park with a luxury apartment building.

What neither of them counts on is falling in love.

Will Lily’s heart shatter if Erin does the right thing and reveals her true identity? Will Erin’s fear of hurting Lily and disappointing her father trap her into telling more lies? Or is there a way for Erin to be honest without losing the woman she loves and the father she desperately wants to please?

Love Me for Me is a sweet lesbian romance novel for those who love books with strong female characters, engaging plots, emotional romances, and heartwarming friendships.

Sarah says:

Love Me for Me was a surprise! I took a course about “blockbuster ideas.” During one of the exercises, I suddenly had a flash of a woman holding a sign at a protest. I knew she was uncomfortable about being there, and I could tell she was hiding something. That intrigued me, and my muse/subconscious mind/the Universe/choose-your-term continued to build on this initial seed.

The idea sat for a while. I don’t usually write romance as the primary genre, meaning that in my stories, the main storyline is usually about something else. The romance is typically a secondary storyline, or the story contains romantic elements but a relationship isn’t the focus. So I didn’t jump on this idea. But it kept nagging at me, and that’s always a sign that I need to take a closer look and tease out a story. It doesn’t always work out, but this time it did.

Love Me for Me is a sweet lesbian romance. It’s about love, friendship, and the courage to be oneself.

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