Disobedience Means Death (Rymellan 1) – Lesbian Science Fiction

The cover for Disobedience Means Death, the first book in the Rymellan Series - a lesbian science fiction series.

In love since their teens, but the state will decide who they marry. Will they risk death to stay together?

Lesley and Mo live in a society that selects mates for its citizens and kills those who don’t accept its choices. Deeply in love, the two women can’t imagine being with anyone else, but their time together is running out. If they don’t let each other go, they’ll be executed.

Meet Lesley and Mo when they’re young adults in love, and follow their joys and struggles until it’s time for them to say good-bye. Will they do what their society expects of them, or will they sacrifice their lives for their love?

Sarah says:

Imagine falling in love with your best friend when you’re both fourteen. As you grow older, your love grows too, and you want to spend the rest of your lives together. There’s only one problem. You don’t get to choose your life partner. You live in a society that chooses mates for its citizens, and it’s serious about it. If you refuse its choice, you’re executed.

What would you do? Would you break up with your soulmate and marry the state’s choice, or would you sacrifice your life for your love?

This is the situation Lesley and Mo face in the Rymellan Series. You meet them when they’re seventeen years old and follow their lives until they have to make that terrible decision. Do they say good-bye, or do they honour their love?

Disobedience Means Death has lesbian main characters. It’s social science fiction, meaning it’s about a society that’s different to ours.

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