Publish to Kindle, Canada!

EDIT July 2015

I originally wrote this post back in 2010. Wow. Things have changed so much since then. The information that used to be in this post is now obsolete.

If you’re interested in learning how to publish a book to Kindle, how to publish a print book, or how to distribute your print/ebook to online bookstores, check out my book Self-Publishing for Canadians. In the book, I teach the same process I use to publish my books (I’ve published 10+ books and have more on the way). It’ll save you time and mistakes.

Self-Publishing for Canadians

Self-Publishing for Canadians

Genre: Non-fiction
A comprehensive guide that teaches Canadians how to self-publish print and ebooks.
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There are tons of self-publishing books available, but most are written for an American audience. Self-Publishing for Canadians is written by an experienced Canadian self-publisher. You’ll learn everything you need to know to bring your story or expertise to the world. Self-Publishing for Canadians covers the entire publishing process, including:

  • How to polish your first draft – beta readers, professional editors, and more
  • How to get ISBNs and CIP data
  • Options for producing your print files
  • Options for producing your ebook files
  • How to get your books into all the major online bookstores
  • How to publish to Kindle, kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play
  • Canadian programs for publishers that can earn you extra money
  • How to stop the IRS from keeping 30% of your revenue from book sales
  • Audiobook production and distribution
  • Options for selling books directly to readers
  • How to avoid common mistakes

Start your self-publishing journey on the right foot with Self-Publishing for Canadians.