Publish to Kindle, Canada!

[EDIT May 2012: For up to date information about publishing to Kindle and self-publishing in Canada, head over to my self-publishing blog and read How to Publish to Kindle Canada. Note that depending on how you price your Kindle book, you can make more on each sale than you would at Smashwords, not less, as stated below.]


Amazon has finally opened up Kindle publishing to everyone. See the press release.

Due to this new opportunity, I’ve opted out of Smashwords’ distribution to Amazon, which means I’ll make less money on each Kindle sale. Yes, if you publish to the Kindle through Smashwords, you get a bigger piece of the pie. But I’d prefer to have control of the Kindle listing, which I’ll now be able to properly link to the print book. And I’ll also be able to upload my file to Amazon. As I mentioned previously, Smashwords’ meatgrinder does an admirable job of converting to all the eBook formats, but it will never beat files that have been formatted by hand.

Amazon is currently in the process of registering me as an author. Once that’s done (which can take up to a week), I’ll upload the Kindle version of Rymellan 1: Disobedience Means Death.