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The Daros Chronicles: An epic fantasy serial about Beast Master Erryn Fyler and her dear friend Princess Filmona.

The Rymellan Series: A sociological science fiction series about two lesbians who live in a strict society that selects mates for its citizens.

The Salbine Sisters: A story about faith and love.

The Deiform Fellowship Series: A mystery series. Deiforms are people chosen by God to work in the world on His behalf…or maybe not. Jillian doesn’t believe in God.

Threaded Through Time: A mysterious rhyme book and a full moon bring two time-crossed couples together in this time travel fantasy.

The Missing Comatose Woman: A cozy mystery – Casey Cook lands her first case, and it’s a doozy.

Like Water and Water: Rachel is in love with her best friend Barb, but Barb is dating the sultry Carla. Will Barb be the one Rachel always wanted but couldn’t have?

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